About Lindy

About Lindy Best- Yoga Teacher LAKSHMI

I am classically trained in the Bahamas. A Siromani named - Lakshmi of the Sivananda Organisation founded by swami Vishnudevanananda in 1957. A world wide expanding organisation of 60 centres and 5 ashrams. A former resident yoga instructor to The Yoga for Health Foundation (which served disabling conditions). I am in a number of differing locations with classes of variant character and composition.

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Yoga Presently Provided

• Physiotherapist referrals & GP referrals
• To effect recovery from injury, or management of presenting arthritis
• Small Meditation groups
• A dynamic group-notionally fit including recent pregnancy recovery
• A weekly class for the disabled at Llanishen Leisure Centre.
• Serving the community with the WEA.
• OCN  Yoga and Relaxation Foundation Course A
• OCN Gentle Exercise and Relaxation, using aspects of Yoga
- OCN Courses achieved with groups of mixed abilities ages and imbalances ranging from blood clots arthritis heart conditions and stress alongside the notionally fit.
When a course is composed thus differentially I offer personal pertinent individual Variations.

Best Yoga

A course for the stroke association in three centres in order to facilitate rehabilitation. Yoga never tries to impose its own condition on the body but to remove obstacles that prevent it from achieving and satisfying its need. All have a personal starting point .Observing the body, changing inefficient habits of movement building awareness to their body’s inner intelligence felt in its response to a movement. The uniqueness of each individual must be attended to.  Whilst teaching with an emergent organisation offering new paths to the learning of children with Autism and A.D.H.D disorders. I found that TKV Desikhar, son of Krisnamacharaya was assisting in India Dr P Yeyachandran - Yogasana to retarded children” Yoga is for all”.