About Linda (continued)

I am in possession of a fine art degree, achieved with a major life drawing component that gave me a good understanding of Physiology. I will recognise Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scolios of the spine and differing body types. Consequently in 2000 I took the post of resident yoga instructor to 'The Yoga for Health Foundation, Ickwell, Bury, Beds'. The Foundation was founded by Howard Kent (1919-2005) as early as 1978. They had gained world wide recognition for their work in the role of combating illness and pioneering ways of teaching yoga to persons with disabling illness ranging from Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, ME, Parkinson’s disease and Cancer. 20 million watched his 1971 televised program, and he published many books e.g. 'Yoga for the disabled' a monthly magazine and “Yoga for Life”. Branch organisations are found in U.S.A, Portugal, Spain S Ireland members and teachers trained here world wide. To work with disabilities requires study. Remedial and Rehabilitation work with those possessing specific conditions needing special approach and care.

It drew visits from Ruth White, Philip Xerri, and Jenny White. Julie Frieidberger supported the Cancer Courses along side Dottie Hook of “New  approaches To Cancer”. Present were Bach Flower Remedies, Use of “The Alexander Technique. RikVerbeek, with his devised variations of Yoga postures for Arthritis Cardiologists.eg Dr Harvey Zarren who combined in the USA cutting edge orthodox medicine with compassionate holistic care. Here I was to give classes to all conditions named I began working with balance Bio energy Diagnosis In 2001 Through Trond Bjornstad Childhood had seen me in participation in all physical activity. This moved into sporting participation of all character  including e.g. horse riding  Balance and hand eye Coordination involved  Intermittent Attendances of  varied Yoga classes including Iyengar represented  most  likely a continuum of this.

My presence of some years in Nassau saw me taking these at Sivananda Yoga Retreat Paradise Island, an Ashram. Here I was to experience exposure, practice and immersion in pranayama, meditation karma Yoga-self service action-fuelling all aspects of camp cleaning and maintenance. I was able to attend Satsang and experience the presence of visiting Yogis, too many to name who shared their knowledge freely e.g.  Amit Goswami, Professor of Physics, “The Self Aware Universe”- How consciousness’ created the material world Dr David Frawley “Ayuvedic Healing”, of great interest to myself and I experienced Pancha karma. The opportunity to study, evaluate, mediitate and practice was opened to me. I too pitched my tent, to take the Yoga Vedanta Teachers Training Course with gratitude. I began giving classes with them immediately.

Lindy's Beliefs

• 1 The power of the mind is immense for advancement or destruction.
• 2 The body is a self repairing living organism.
• 3 Body and mind work together, the brain is the intermediary
• 4 Our body’s welfare lies in body/ mind .
• 5 Never forget pills operations in their place stimulate the body /mind response, at worst harm.
• 6 The central fact is that our life is in our mind.
• 7 Brain body and mind are parts of an interlinked system the same upon which the world works.
• 8 We are a part related to the whole. Actually strong .
• 9 The meaning of the word yoga is integration / union.
• 10 A quiet mind is all you need.