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At Best Yoga Cardiff, our aim is to encourage your own path of coping with imbalances and stimulate their own healing abilities - We want you to discover the peace that is within every human being. The purpose of Yoga is to facilitate the profound inner relaxation that accompanies fearlessness.

We will show you to find ways to create a line of energy! The body tends to stiffen and tighten the older we get. Range and ease of movement diminish with more aches and subtle pains. As the body tightens it literally begins choking itself inhibiting circulation nourishment, and elimination. Through dedicated tuition, many years experience and the reassurance that comes from having help hundreds of other people in recent times, Yoga Instructor Lindy Best will help you achieve your potential.

After a few sessions beginners can see improvement in body functions and mental outlook, all you need is a quiet mind in order to participate in our classes.

Whilst Yoga is not a therapy, it has a therapeutic role and has a beneficial impact on the human body. It can be used to prevent and ease many painful conditions such as the overuse of joints, limbs hamstring, frozen shoulder and other sports injuries. The mental components are more than exercises, Yoga does not impose its own condition on the body but removes obstacles that prevent it from achieving its needs.

Anybody wants to, can practice Yoga. But no one can practice every kind of Yoga.

Lindy's Tenets

• 1 The power of the mind is immense for advancement or destruction.
• 2 The body is a self repairing living organism.
• 3 Body and mind work together, the brain is the intermediary
• 4 Our body’s welfare lies in body/ mind .
• 5 Never forget pills operations in their place stimulate the body /mind response, at worst harm.
• 6 The central fact is that our life is in our mind.
• 7 Brain body and mind are parts of an interlinked system the same upon which the world works.
• 8 We are a part related to the whole. Actually strong .
• 9 The meaning of the word yoga is integration / union.
• 10 A quiet mind is all you need

To find out more about our Cardiff yoga classes or One to one Yoga Training in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, call Lindy Best today.

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